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Course Descriptions

Battle & Showmanship
A culture of friendly competition that creates an adrenaline high comes in moments of performances, battles, and jams!  What brings out these moments and how should we move, react, absorb, and give back to these moments?! Let's learn to go big or go home! 


Partner Charleston:
We'll work on multiple shapes and exercises to explore the possibilities of partner Charleston. At the same time, we'll make sure basic fundamentals of Charleston dancing is intact! 

Solo Charleston
Solo Charleston is an essential dance form, rooted in solo traditional jazz dancing. Let's build a strong basic understanding and increase your repertoire of movements to level up your solo dancing. 


Lindy Hop 4 
We will work on improving the clarity of your execution of Lindy moments. We will also develop a more comprehensive repertoire of rhythm and techniques in your dancing. 


Lindy Hop 5
This class is for experienced dancers who feel confident in both their individual and partner dancing. We will be challenging you in all aspects: rhythmically, technically and tempo wise. 


Trio Trio Trio! 
As Champions of Trio competition in Savoy Cup, Hector & Sonia will share their tricks on how to master dancing with a group of 3 people! How to explore spaces, power dynamics, and movement as a team of Trio!


Slow Lindy

We'll be exploring the art of slow Lindy dancing, with special focus on close position movements.  Let's feel good, move smoothly, and be in harmony with slower tempo.

Authentic Jazz
A solo dancing class that will not only give you the vocabularies to authentic jazz dancing, but also with the right styling and spirit of the dance. What are the small tips and exercises that will make you look from good to great? Let's find out!

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