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Which Level Am I?

Level 1 - Beginners

Take the first steps in your swingin' journey here! 

Level 2 - Less than 1 year / Beginner Int. 

You are social dancing regularly and you're starting to feel comfortable with leading / following.  You've learn the swing out and you are on your way to mastering it.

Level 3 - Over 1 year / Intermediate

You can switch between six and eight count steps.  You're understanding the relationship between music and dance and start to experiment with different shapes and rhythms. 

Level 4 - About 2 Years / Int Advanced.

Your momentum, pulse and connection is clear.  You're responsive to lead and following signals.  You can start to create basic rhythms and mix patterns comfortably between lindy, charleston and syncopation. 

Level 5 - Above 2.5 Years / Advanced 

You are comfortable with faster tempo, and rhythm variations, and can express creativity through connection and triple step variations.  Your true expression starts to form. 

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